Nederlands leren ofwel NT 2

Voor al uw buitenlandse medewerkers en/of hun partners die snel de Nederlandse taal willen of moeten leren.

In overleg op elk moment te starten.

Een unieke cursus Nederlands voor beginners.
Europese standaard niveau A1 of op verzoek hoger niveau.

Waarom uniek?
Mijn ervaring en kennis als docent, logopedist ( veel taal- en spraaktraining) en dyslexiespecialist geeft aan deze cursus Nederlands een extra meerwaarde!

Voor meer informatie: vraag de brochure aan via contact.
Dutch learning
How I work
Dutch learning at any level of the Dutch language
For you or your foreign employees and/or their partners who need to learn Dutch quickly.

In small groups (max.4) or individual in my office. Larger groups (10) at your company is possible.

Dutch Course for total beginners or advanced. European standard level A1-C2.

We can start at any moment, with many possibilities in consultation with the student(s).

Why unique:
Dutch is a difficult language even for them with an excellent knowledge of English grammar and language.

Do you understand or speak Dutch very well, but are there still problems with the pronunciation or spelling?
My experience and knowledge as speech and language trainer, dyslexia specialist (children
and adults) can be seen as additional value. Silvia Linssen is qualified as teacher by
Dutch government.
Help your child with Dutch education